Annual Parish Meeting 11th May 2019

Kidsgrove Town Council will be holding its Annual Parish Meeting on Saturday the 11th May 2019 at the Victoria Hall. 

All residents are cordially invited to attend.

The afternoon will start at 3:00pm with displays and talks from several of our volunteer community groups. There will also be councillors available for residents to discuss their matters with. Further details will follow.

The Annual Parish Meeting official will start at 6:00pm:


1. To receive a welcome from the Mayor of Kidsgrove.
2. Apologies for absence.
3. To receive and approve the minutes of the meeting held in the 21st May 2018.
4. To receive the Mayor’s report on the year.
5. Open forum for residents to ask any questions.
6. Meeting close.

Cllr Mike Stubbs




Defibrillator Mapping Exercise – We need your help!

Kidsgrove Town Council is working to put together a map of all the defibrillators within our area. We are not only interested in the ones that are currently public access, but also those that are privately sited.
The results of the mapping exercise, which is being run working in conjunction with the Rotary Club, the First Responders and the Locality Action Partnership groups, will be shared publicly and also used to co-ordinate use of the defibrillators with the emergency services.
We would be very grateful if details could be sent to us to include location, whether or not its accessible to the public and person/group/business responsible.If the defibrillator is in a cabinet, it would also be useful to now whether a code is needed or not.
Please send the information to Kidsgrove Town Council:
We really appreciate your help.

Become a Dementia Friend!

The Town Council would like to promote the Dementia Friendly initiative within Kidsgrove and its surrounds. Understanding the needs of sufferers is so important.

The sessions are free and open to everybody and we will especially welcome businesses and groups who may have customers and members that would benefit from staff who can understand their needs.


To learn more about being a Dementia Friend, please click here.



Maple Tree Court – Open Day

Yesterday, Deputy Mayor Cllr Amanda Cartwright with other Kidsgrove Town Councillors visited Maple Tree Court Care Home in Kidsgrove. Mark, the Kidsgrove Ranger, also attended.
Mandy and Shellie in the photograph are staff at the home. Councillors were given a full tour of the facility and got to meet many of the local residents. The non-for-profit company Anchor who run Maple Tree Court have offered to work more closely with Kidsgrove Town Council and they’ve offered to engage more with our community events.