Dementia Friendly Kidsgrove

Dementia Friendly Kidsgrove

Kidsgrove Town Council in partnership with Kidsgrove Rotary and GO Kidsgrove are working together to make our town Dementia Friendly.

People living with Dementia can find everyday tasks a challenge. We are committed to recognising, understanding and supporting those living with Dementia. We believe our town can make the necessary changes to help make life easier for those suffering, or carers of those suffering, facing this daily battle.

The working party for the project have outlined a plan of action and invite all members of the public and businesses to get involved.

  • Free Dementia Friendly Sessions – learn what small changes you can make. Please follow the link here for further information on the next session.
  • Dementia Friendly Cafes – coming soon
  • Sensory Garden – coming soon

Kidsgrove has its own working party which oversees the project.  If you would like to join the working party to support the project, please email for more information

If you are a business or an individual who would like to get more involved please contact the office for further information.

Let’s Make Kidsgrove Dementia Friendly!