Finance and General Purposes Committee 6th June 2022

AgendasFinance and General Purposes Committee Agendas Uploaded on May 30, 2022

Business to be transacted

1.      To receive apologies for absence.

2.      To receive and note any declarations of Members’ Interests.

To receive declarations of personal, prejudicial and pecuniary interests from members relevant to items under discussion at the meeting.

3.      To receive and confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 12th April 2022.

Draft minutes of the meeting of the 12th April 2022 are available on the website and have been circulated with the agenda.

4.      Public Participation.

A period of up to 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments in respect of the business of the agenda.

5.      Matters Arising:

Updates only from the Clerk/RFO on items outstanding not otherwise on the agenda or not currently requiring further actions agreeing including:

a.      Bank Mandates

To receive and note progress on the mandate changes agreed at the Annual Meeting of the 19th May 2022.

b.      Defibrillator Installation

To receive an update on the defibrillator provision in the Parish.

c.       Dementia Friendly Kidsgrove

To note the office will progress a meeting of this task group.

d.      Council Contracts

To receive a progress update on the ‘live’ document being produced to monitor contracts and agreements.

6.      Finance: To receive bank reconciliations and bank statements dated 31st March 2022.

Bank statements dated 31st March 2022 are shown in appendix 1. Bank reconciliations dated 31st March 2022 are shown in appendix 2.

7.      Grant Application Form and Process

To review the current grant application policy, form and process and to agree any changes to full Council. Current version can be found on the website (Link – Community Grant Scheme – Kidsgrove Town Council) and are circulated with the agenda.

8.      Grant Applications:

a.      Large Grant scheme – Rotary Corps:

To consider responses to questions raised to the application at the meeting of the F&GP Committee (FGP/21-22/8/9). (All documents circulated separately.)

To consider any further actions required and to consider and agree a recommendation to Full Council.

b.      Large Grant Scheme – Tommy Lowe – Golden Gloves

To receive any updates on this outstanding application and to agree any actions.

c.       Large Grant Scheme – Kidsgrove Lads and Dads:

To receive an application from Kidsgrove Lads ‘n’ dads and to agree any actions or recommendations to Full Council.

d.      Large Grant Scheme – Staffordshire Clubs for Young People:

To receive an application from Staffordshire Clubs for Young People and to agree any actions or recommendations to Full Council.

e.      Small Grant Scheme – Eternity Entertainment

To receive an application from Eternity Entertainment and to agree to approve or otherwise.

9.      Asset Register:

To approve the asset register dated 31st March 2022. (Circulated separately.)

10.  Victoria Hall Issues:

To receive an update from the Clerk.

11.  Policy List:

To receive an updated list of Town Council policies and to review and agree review dates.

12.  Committee Plan:

To receive and consider an update on the committee’s current projects and their inclusion into a forward plan.

13.  Reports – Information only and related to the committee:

a.      Members Items.

b.      Clerk’s Items.

c.       Chair’s Items.

14.  Date of next meeting: Thursday 13th July 2022.

15.  Matters to be considered with the Press and Public Excluded: Exclusion of press and public: To resolve under 1960 (Admission to meetings) Act to exclude the press and public due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed.

16.  Town Deal Issues in relation to the Town Council:

To receive an update and to agree any actions.