Events and Community Committee Draft Minutes 28th April 2022

Events and Community Committee MinutesMinutes Uploaded on June 16, 2022

Minutes of the meeting held 28th April 2022,

7:30pm at The Victoria Hall

EC/21-22/6/1                         Present

Cllr S Dymond (Chair), Cllr G Burnett, Cllr A Cooper, C Dickens, J Locke (Go Kidsgrove)

In attendance: S Davies – Clerk, E Norton – Assistant Clerk

Four members of the public present.

EC/21-22/6/2                         To receive and consider apologies for absence.

Apologies were received from W Richings.

EC/21-22/6/3                         To note declarations of Members Interests

None declared.

EC/21-22/6/4                         To approve the minutes of the meeting held on the 22nd March 2022.

The minutes of the meeting of the 22nd March 2022 were approved by all those present, subject to correction of a typing mistake.

EC/21-22/6/5                         Public Participation (A period of not exceeding 15 minutes for the press or public to make comments.

Members of the public present wished to speak regarding items on the agenda and therefore it was noted the Chair would suspend standing orders to allow those to speak, when the agenda item is reached.

EC/21-22/6/6                         Matters arising from the meeting of the 22nd March 2022 not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

No matters arising raised.

EC/21-22/6/7                         To further consider plans for the Queen’s platinum jubilee in June 2022 and to agree any actions.

a)         Beacons arrangements

Tri Services, Mow Cop site – The Clerk advised she is meeting with Tri Services on site 30th April to go through arrangements, decide location and go through the risk assessment. The Clerk also confirmed that the Town Council will be insuring the event and this has already been agreed with the Insurance company at no extra cost as it is on private land. The Clerk has requested Tri Services to put in writing that they will be responsible for the food they wish to put on in the form of a Barbeque. It was noted that the Fire Brigade and the Police will need to be informed of the event.

Coalpit Hill, Talke Pits site – The Clerk updated that permission is being sought with Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council for the location on Coalpit Hill. Pricing on barriers is being looked into by the office however the Rotary offered use of their barriers for the even. The Clerk advised she would confirm measurements to confirm how much is required. A discussion was had around the amount of volunteers required to run the events, and that a request be made to the Rotary members to seek out their availability.

Town Hall/Kidsgrove site – The Clerk updated the committee that talks are still ongoing with regards the Insurance company allowing the beacon to be situated on the roof of the town hall, and considerations need to be made regarding the potential of blocking access for Police, customers from the Tap Room bar taking drinks out of the building, road closures and permission from the NULBC to hold the event. The Clerk also advised that the Home Bargains Car Park is also being pursued as an alternative location and permissions are being sought with the Home Bargains Head Office. Further locations were discussed including The Salvation Army car park. The office was tasked to investigate this potential location and requested that if committee members have any further ideas to contact the office.

b)         Evening in the Town Hall on the evening of the beacon

The Clerk summarised suggestions from the previous meeting regarding the event to be held at the Town Hall prior to lighting the beacons, and the event would commence at 7pm for approximately 2 hours. It will be a ticketed event to control numbers, priced at £5 a ticket and the money raised would go to the Mayor’s charities.

J Locke confirmed Kidsgrove Community Choir agree to perform at this event and would ask them to get in touch with the Clerk to finalise details. A soloist was suggested by a member of the public present to contact also for the event.

The office was asked to start advertising once details of the programme for the evening were finalised.

c)         Event in Clough Hall Park on June 4th.

The Clerk updated that the event application and risk assessments had been put into NULBC, with subject to change as event is finalised. The Clerk advised that clarification was required in regards any road closure. Discussions were had in regards to a parade, and it was agreed that it would not be something that could be organised in the short period of time and therefore a road closure would not be required. Schools will still be contacted and posters given out informing them of the event. Rotary also agreed to get in touch with the schools to ask if they would like to create bunting, flags, artwork that would compliment the town hall decorations. It was also discussed inviting members of the public to dress up their picnic area/gazebo and a competition would be had for the best dressed.

Rotary members presented a list of activities such as sack races, bean bag races, rounders, hoopla and face painting. They also advised they have a contact for an ice cream van that they would pass to the office to contact and if possible 2 vans to be provided. They would also like to hold a creative table where children will make and decorate a crown. Go Kidsgrove also advised they are holding a crown making “Crafternoon” before the event on 28th May.

The assistant clerk updated in regards stall applications received and requested members to forward any details onto the office of any other stallholders that may be interested.

Rotary advised they have someone who may be able to provide music, and discussions were also had on speaking with Mike Stanier about providing music. An SEN notice would need to be applied for should music be played in the park.

The assistant clerk provided quotes of portable toilets and it was agreed to hire a quantity of 4 from the company Cestrian Loos at £380 exc VAT based on their delivery and collection schedule to and from the park, as well as the cost.

Security and marshalls were also discussed and the office were asked to look into security firms. Rotary have offered use of their radio controllers and would take the request back to their next meeting to ask who is available to marshall the event. The clerk asked everyone who is available to help on the day to let the office know. Hi-Vis vests were also discussed, and that the office would look into what we currently have and the costs of ordering more if required, with “Marshall” on the back so they can be easily identified.

It was noted that clean up after the event would need to happen on the day, and everyone involved on the day would help.

The Clerk asked for members to get together in between to go over finer details, and would arrange a zoom meeting, all members are invited to attend.

EC/21-22/6/8                         Rededication of the War Memorial: To receive an update from the Clerk.

The Clerk updated members that rededication is now being advertised and that the road closure has been arranged. The parade will commence down to the memorial garden from the Town Hall.

The British Legion have requested use of the hall after the wreath laying and the Clerk advised she is waiting on details from them of this. Wreaths are being laid by Royal British Legion, Royal British Legion Bikers, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and Kidsgrove Town Council. Cllr Dymond updated that plaques have been installed on the wall, and the gardens have been tidied up in preparation for the event. A local company is also coming in to redo the tarmac free of charge.

There will be a marching band and some representatives from the RAF will be attending.

EC/21-22/6/9                         To receive an update from the Clerk on the re-implementation of markets into Kidsgrove and to agree any actions.

J Locke advised that she had been in touch with the Artisan Market organiser, and they are interested in holding a market in Kidsgrove Town. A meeting is being arranged with GO Kidsgrove to go through the details. The Clerk requested to be present. It was raised that possibly a one-off market be organised to see how it goes.

EC/21-22/6/10                     Mayor Support and Charity Events

a)         To receive a general update summary from the Mayor on the Mayor’s Function.

The Mayor updated that she attended the Ukraine Charity Concert at The Victoria Hall. The Mayor allowed one of her free hall usage nights for the event and over £1100 was raised for the current situation on going in Ukraine.

b)         To receive an update on the Mayor’s charity fundraising for 2021-2022 civic year.

The Clerk and the Mayor provided the initial figure of £2028 raised over the previous two years, subject to a second person check confirmation. It was noted that this includes the time through the pandemic when the usual fundraising events could not take place.

c)         To consider any other plans for the Mayor’s charity fundraising and agree any actions or support required.

The Mayor advised that the current pending events will now be part of the new Mayor’s calendar following the elections, including the rededication and the Queen Jubilee events. The current  Mayor’s nominated charities are Staffordshire Buddies, Kidsgrove Lads and Dads, Lyme Trust Outreach. The Chair gave her thanks to the Mayor for her work whilst in position during the pandemic.

EC/21-22/6/11                     To receive any items from the Chair or Clerk.


EC/21-22/6/12                     To consider and agree potential further events (suggested at the last meeting or raised since) for 2022 or subsequent years including any actions required prior to the next meeting.

  1. Barge Markets – no discussion this time.
  2. ‘Kidsgrove by the Sea’ – no discussion this time.
  3. Barn Dance – no discussion this time.
  4. 80s night – no discussion this time.
  5. Wrestling and Boxing Nights – no discussion this time.
  6. Interschools Sports Day – no discussion at this time.
  7. Any further suggestions – it was noted any further discussions would now be with the new council following the elections.

EC/21-22/6/13                     To agree the time of the next meeting: TBC

The meeting concluded at 20.42pm.